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At iRefer Global, we're committed to fulfilling our ESG responsibilities as we innovate in the fintech industry.

In an ever-changing financial landscape, our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles serves as our North Star, guiding our actions and operations to create a lasting positive impact.

This statement outlines our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.


To redefine trust in the global marketplace by pioneering electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM), leveling the playing field for brands and empowering all satisfied customers to monetise their influence.


iRefer Global aims to revolutionise the traditional Word of Mouth (WOM) system by developing a scalable, pay-per-sale platform.


Through our unique PoTA™ technology, we seamlessly integrate with merchant facilities and bookkeeping software, automating financial rewards across all stakeholders.


We provide businesses with a direct line to consumers, ensuring measurable returns on advertising investment.

By prioritising positive brand interactions and offering a free-to-join model, we create value for users, vendors, and the broader community alike.


Carbon Footprint

iRefer Global commits to environmentally sustainable operations, running on cloud-based servers powered by at least 80% renewable energy sources.

Sustainable Procurement

We prioritise vendors who are ISO 14001 certified, ensuring a green supply chain.

Resource Efficiency

Our platform minimises data and energy consumption, contributing to resource conservation.


Financial Inclusion
Aligned with our mission, iRefer Global democratises financial services and offers avenues for income generation to underserved communities.

Employee Well-being
Our remote-first work policy promotes employee well-being while reducing environmental impact.

Data Privacy and Security
iRefer Global adheres to the highest standards of data protection with advanced encryption and regular security audits.


Ethical Practices
Our governance is underpinned by a code of ethics that stresses transparency, honesty, and integrity in all business practices, perfectly aligning with our vision to redefine trust in the marketplace.

We maintain a robust compliance program, updated semi-annually to adhere to evolving fintech regulations.


Stakeholder Engagement

Our mission is to create value for all stakeholders. This guides our engagement efforts, ensuring we maintain an open dialogue and continuous feedback loops with clients, investors, employees, and regulatory bodies.


iRefer Global will issue an annual ESG report, validated by third-party auditors, to transparently share our sustainability initiatives, outcomes, and future goals.


iRefer Global's vision and mission are not just guiding statements; they are pledges that imbue our ESG initiatives.


We firmly believe that ethical and sustainable operations are integral to achieving our ambitious objectives.


For further information or inquiries about our ESG efforts, please contact our ESG Coordinator at

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Patented, Copyrighted and Trademarked Technology

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